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my name is maddie and i am new to coding so there is probably gonna be a lot of flaws with my themes.

if you have trouble with a page or theme please try re-entering all ur info a second time. if that doesn't work please message me off anon


this blog is meant to help people looking for themes, resources, and tutorials for tumblr

many of the things posted here are not mine but please feel free to ask me any questions about any tutorials etc. if ur having trouble (though i might end up sending you to the theme maker)



USING ICONS FROM FONT AWESOME; a tutorial by azurethemes/salazhar
I’ve gotten a few asks on how I added icons on my main blog. I got them from Font Awesome and I thought I could make a tutorial on how to apply them to your blog. The difficulty depends on your knowledge on HTML and CSS, but it suggest you you should know the basics of of both. 

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Page Theme #7: Undecided by madthms aka luminecents

so yeah idk what u would use this for i was just goofin off but u could use it as like an about page or maybe an fag page (i’d be happy to add in a message box for u)

it comes with 2 boxes, 2 titles, and 5 links and it’s v simple and i put instructions in the code so yeah very minimal

preview AND code for light

preview AND code for dark


All-in-one Page #1

This page contains: 

About me:

  • Sidebar Image (120px by 120px)
  • Name, age and country.
  • Description (Box with scroll)


  • 6 songs (You can add more or remove some if you want.
  • Each song has cover image, artist name, song name and description. AAAND Music Player! :)


  • There are 4 sections for 4 different types of tags. Each section has 10 links for the tags, you can add/remove some.


  • This one has only the people you follow lol.

I hope you guys like it, and please Like / Reblog if you’re using it!

Preview | Code

How to install? Click here.


About Page #2 “Bubble”

This page contains a description, 2 spaces for quotes, and an image. I really like this page, ninpen ‘s page Ampersand and slayground’s 100 textures pack inspired me to do this page, the colors that they used were incredibly amazinggg and I couldn’t resist to do this. I hope you guys like it ^^

Preview | Code

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All-in-one #2 - Truth Lies

This page includes About, Tags, Links and Blogroll. The instructions of how to customize it are in the code.

Do edit as much as you want.

Do not steal.

Do not remove the credit.

Do not redistribute / claim as your own.

Preview | Code

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// noctrne //

This was a custom theme I made for noctrne with her assistance and now that she’s no longer using it, she was kind enough to ask me to release it. So here you go.

Theme rules: be awesome, never send hate to anyone and remember that you’re wrong too if you retaliate.

theme features:

• home, askbox and 1 customizable link;
• 3 updates tabs (must be edited inside the code);
• also feel free to change the colors inside the code because I didn’t make them customizable, sorry.

anything you need feel free to contact me.

preview code

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THEME 08. MONUMENTS by mrsmilicevic

  • live preview - code
  • 4 custom links
  • 400px posts option
  • endless scrolling option
  • lazy load option
  • second title option

like or reblog if you’re using, thanks and enjoy!
edit however you want but don’t remove credit.

If you’re having troubles getting the colors right: go to the HTML, copy all color meta tags (the ones who look like this: <meta name=”color:background” content=”#fafafa”/>), remove all of them, update preview. paste the tags back, update preview and save. 

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TRUST - by madthms aka luminecents

this theme can be one OR two columns and has 4 custom fonts for the titles

  • tell me what you want from my next theme!
  • i used this base code for this theme so it’d be cool if u checked out that theme maker!
  • and please please please don’t steal any parts of this theme!

preview AND code (preview is for 1 column)

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hey so there were some glitches with this theme and now that i’m a little more experienced, i fixed them i think.

so yeah, my second revamp - all links in the post are updated


Somebody asked once if we could make a list of tiny HTML codes. I thought it was a great idea, and I almost forgot! So this is a small guide, or well, a set of codes you can use in your themes and also in your description and your pages. Most of the times all you have to do is copy and paste, so it’s not very complicated, I promise.

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ABOUT THEME #2 - by madthms aka luminecents

lol i was gonna make myself an about theme but then i decided to release it instead so here we are

preview AND code

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Simple and cute about page I posted months ago. 

White Bubble {Codes + Preview}

Black Bubble {Codes + Preview}

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↓ about page 03 by stratfor-d

live preview | code

  • customized scrollbar
  • customized tooltip
  • four extra links
  • two images (110x110)
  • "cool" effects ^-^

tip: to change the accent color easily; [1] press ctrl+h [2] paste #e8c6d5 on the first box [3] paste the color that you want on the second box (ex: #cc9ad6)

please like or reblog first before you use it & keep the credits intact.



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CSS goodies to use in your theme now


Here are some CSS goodies I’ve been using a couple of my themes and are perfect to add to your themes for a polished look.

Change up the selection color

Example of highlighted text with new color

Don’t stick with the drab defaults that show in your browser when you highlight stuff. A simple CSS snippet below (thanks HTML5 Boilerplate) can be used to change the color:

::-moz-selection { background: #f2f2f2; color: #fff; }
::selection { background: #f2f2f2; color: #fff; }

Replace #f2f2f2 with your color of choice.

Get fancy blockquotes

Homepage of CSS Arrow Please!

So you’ve tried all the possible CSS styles to add to quotes?

Make your own pure CSS arrows with CSS Arrow Please which automatically generates CSS based on your inputs. Just change .arrow_box to whatever the class you’re using for your blockquotes to add this interesting effect.

Sweet transparency

If you aren’t aware you can use RGBA colors to add transparency.

The RGB part you might be familiar with, it’s the red, green and blue mix for the color. The cool stuff happens with the A (alpha), use this to set a transparency to the color.

Here’s an example. In the CSS I’ve set the background color of the object like this:

#promo_box {
background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.9);


Notice how instead of just making the background pitch black, it’s made it a bit transparent, just what we wanted.

Shadows: back in black


CSS3 introduces box shadows, you’ve probably already seen it in a couple of themes already.

The properties that ‘box-shadow’ takes, shown below, are horizontal offset, vertical offset, blur radius, spread distance and color.

article {
box-shadow: 0 0 5px -3px #000000;

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they match

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